Butterfly, Willow Tree

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Butterfly. Höjd 16 cm. Text på kortet: "Resilient, determined, courageous and beautiful... You h

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager.

Artikelnummer: WIF-B702

Butterfly (fjäril)  Höjd 16 cm.

Text på kortet som följer med figurinen: "Resilient, determined, courageous and beautiful... You have the qualities to transform your world".

Av konstnären Susan Lordi. Med enkelt utseende och uttrycksfulla gester. Originalen är täljda i trä, sedan gjuts de i resin (ett syntetisk, tåligt material) som gör att priserna blir överkomliga.

"When I think of the monarch butterfly, I am reminded of courage and strength in the face of adversity.

"A magical metamorphosis...from tiny egg to hungry caterpillar to brilliant chrysalis spotted with gold, the butterfly finally emerges a dazzling beauty. Delicate and fragile, yet determined and resilient, it forges its way for hundreds of miles along a migration route of obstacles and erratic weather patterns, compelled to complete its miraculous journey.

"I see the monarch butterfly as a true metaphor;  for the desire in each of us to be our best, to live resiliently, to thrive, to make a positive difference in the world."