Salvia Svart, bunt 10cm

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Bunt med svart salvia 10cm.

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Artikelnummer: SMU-S992

Bunt med svart salvia 10cm

För smudging/rening av negativa energier, rening av hus, kristaller, personer m.m.

Beskrivning av hur man använder salvian medföljer.

Ursprung: California, Usa
Vikt: ca.35 gram

Black  Sage, a variety of sage known as Salvia mellifera, is the most common  sage in California and can reach up to 6 feet in height. It is used to  encourage dreams and visions and can be used for protection during  astral travel or divination.

Clean your house, declutter and then light the smudge stick and waft it about, as if cleansing the air. It  is instantly effective. Black Sage is associated with psychic powers in  general, and is often burned before crystal ball gazing and other forms of divination, and used for astral projection.