Lavendel Salvia, bunt 10 cm

  • 98 kr

Bunt med Lavendel och Salvia 10 cm.

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager.

Artikelnummer: ROS-S347

Stor bunt med Lavendel och Salvia ca 10 cm.

Vikt: ca 30 gram

För smudgening/rening av negativa energier, rening av hus etc.

Beskrivning av hur man använder salvian medföljer.

Lavender and white sage complement each other well. They both smell  spicy, but each in a different way. Lavender has a beloved, friendly  scent. The herb is known as a tranquilizer. This makes lavender  particularly suitable as a smudging herb during stress or in the  evening.

White sage has a sharp scent. As soon as you smell this scent, you  probably immediately think of cleaning. White sage is invigorating and  helps you get in touch with yourself.