The Taste of Tranquillity CD

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The Taste of Tranquillity CD. Performed by the Ven. Chris Burrows.

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The Taste of Tranquillity CD

Performed by the Ven. Chris Burrows

Back of Taste of Tranquillity CD says: Within this recording you will be guided through four Buddhist meditation techniques that Chris has been using and teaching to others for more than 30 years. Explained in a straight forward and easy to understand way that, when applied, will bring a feeling of calm and tranquillity to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, including tips and suggestions from Chris as to how you can really maximise the benefits, to both physical and mental well-being, that this CD can provide.

1 Introduction
2 Preparation: Guidelines on posture, timing, environment, diet, clothing and the use of incense etc.
3 Anapanasati:  A basic practise used to develop stillness of mind and body. A good foundation for any of life?s activities.
4 Metta Bhavana:  For the development of both inner and outer harmony and goodwill to all living things, including yourself.
5 Vipassana: One of the greatest causes for unecessary suffering in the world is attachment! In this meditation you will learn how to combat this negativity by firstly overcoming attachment to yourself.
6 Further Meditation:  Additional meditation technique and closing notes from Chris