Walking with Merlyn by Llewellyn

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A Musical Jourany into mystery and magick.

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Artikelnummer: CDP-W111

1. Merlyn's Cave - Seeking Merlyn
2. The Sacred Box - Symbols of Mastery
3. Contacting the Elementals
4. Magick of Trees
5. Invocation - Power of the Word
6. Gateway to the Otherworld
7. Songspells

They say. A Musical Jourany into mystery and magick. Choosing to walk with Merlyn in our lives, we discover Tree Magick, powerful symbols, spellmaking, how to contact the Fae, Songspells and enter mystical portals into the Otherworld. Walking with Merlyn takes the listener on a personal journey to seek out the great legendary Druid Merlyn. Through Llewellyn's music we can either sit back, relax and enjoy his beautiful ethereal soundscapes or become part of the magick by visualising ourselves being with Merlyn.

"Llewellyn's most exciting album to date"