The big book of Tarot meanings

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Bok av Sam Magdaleno. Språk: Engelska. A breakthrough method for reading the Tarot.

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The big book of Tarot meanings. Bok av Sam Magdaleno. Språk: Engelska. 

A breakthrough method for reading the Tarot.

Interpreting card meanings is the most exciting aspect of reading tarot. However, it is also the most challenging, especially if you are new to the art. For example, basic tarot interpretation would have you understand that The Lovers card has to do with relationships-but what if your question had to do with career or health? How are you left to interpret the meaning?   

This book is an exciting new approach to beginner tarot. Rather than a one-size-fits-all strategy, this comprehensive guide divides each tarot card interpreteation into specific meanings for all the most queried categories. For each tarot card, explore interpretations divided by major categories, including love, money, career and health. Find precise answers to your most urgent questions immediately!

No longer will you have to struggle to decipher meaning and insight for diverse questions from the same generic description often given in other beginner tarot books. These carefully chosen categories give you grater scope to use your intuition when interpreting the tarot. You can also apply these interpretations to the card position of any spread, be it much-loved classic Celtic Cross or one you have created for yourself.

With The Big Book of Tarot Meanings, you'll never struggle again to know how the cards are answering you.

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