The Sacred Andean Codes

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The Sacred Andean Codes by Marcela Lobos (Häftad)

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The Sacred Andean Codes by Marcela Lobos (Häftad)

Our world is desperately in need of a new compass and the rites of  the Munay-Ki, which have been crafted for a Western audience, offer  shamanic wisdom for the modern person. These initiations—based on  initiatory practices of the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon—are  profoundly healing and will alchemize your deepest wounds and limiting  beliefs into sources of compassion. They encourage you to grow your love  and empathy and see the interconnectedness of all life as you join a  lineage of healers and Earthkeepers. The Sacred Andean Codes includes detailed explanations of each rite’s benefits, how it came to  be, and how you can incorporate its wisdom into your own life. As a  powerful blueprint for self-realization, these initiations invite you on  a heartfelt evolutionary path with love at its core. Embark on your own  sacred journey, recognize your innate wholeness, tune into unlimited  energy, and fulfill your potential as a luminous being—and an agent of  change and transformation in the world.

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