Goddess Dream, Orakelkort - Wendy Andrew

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Konstnären och författaren Wendy Andrew illustrerar Gudinnans förkroppsligande, och kanaliserandet av den heliga feminina energin. Språk: Engelska.

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Artikelnummer: ORC-G122

A force of nature that calls all life into being, the Goddess is the divine feminine awakened to the greatest magic held within. She is a maiden of creativity, mother of love, and crone of sacred wisdom. Take her hand through the Goddess Dream Oracle, reconnect to your own intuition, and remember who you really are. By working with this oracle in your daily life you will delve into the divine dream world of the Goddess in all her forms and meet her allies. She will reveal herself through her dark mysteries in the depths of the forest to her splendor as the waves of the sea and guide you in your search for your inner truth, your life purpose, and your higher self. 

Artist and author Wendy Andrew illustrates the divine embodiments of the Goddess, channeling sacred feminine energy. Her work is inspired by the ancient mysteries that are wrapped in the turning of the seasons and the voice of Goddess whispering through the mythical realms.

Innehåller en kortlek med 36 kort och en guidebok. Språk: Engelska

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