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Becoming the Enchanter



A Journey to the Heart of the Celtic Mysteries - Lyn Webster Wilde

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At the age of thirty-one, Lyn Webster was leading an average if slightly numbed existence, assuaging the grief over her fiancé's death with alcohol and carrying on her busy career as a producer for British television. One day in Liverpool, however, all of this changed when she unleashed her fury upon a group of mischievous boys and a coworker recognized her as one of her own kind, a woman warrior.

Thus began Lyn's journey into a magical realm deeply rooted in Celtic myth and tradition, an underground network of sacred practitioners who maintained the secrets of the old wisdom while leading normal lives in the everyday world.

Becoming the Enchanter is an artfully told work of narrative nonfiction that reads like a fantastical novel, complete with magical interludes and a fast-moving plot that builds as Lyn pursues the mystery of the riddle given to her by a godmother figure, Eleanor, on her deathbed.

As the author illustrates, the tradition of which she became a part dates back to the Neolithic era and contains a deep knowledge not unlike that which Carlos Castaneda encountered in his experiences with the Yaqui Indians.