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Calling my Angels CD


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En vacker avslappnande himmelsk musik.

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Calling my Angels - Niall

Speltid: 51 minutes

Featuring the classic angelic vocals of Juliana, Calling My Angels is beautiful relaxing celestial music composed and performed by Niall. (Reiki River) Ideal for treatments such as Reiki and Massage, Calling My Angels creates the perfect atmosphere for raising angel energy and healing.

Co-Produced by Llewellyn & Niall

"I adore 'Calling my Angels' by Niall. Its breathtaking melody takes you to a serene space which is perfect for connecting to your own guardian angels. This CD is ideal for relaxing in calm meditations. I shall certainly be recommending it at my angel workshops. Magnificent!" Jacky Newcomb, Best selling author of "An Angel Saved my Life"

1. Angels guard my sleep and waking
2. Call to waken my Angels
3. Angels gather on high
4. From Heaven to Earth
5. My Angels guard my day