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Lady of the Lake


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Lady of the Lake by Llewellyn from New Beginnings

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Lady of the Lake by Llewellyn from New Beginnings

The Silver moon of a warm midsummer night sets the scene for this soothing and relaxing album. Featuring acoustic guitars, Pan-pipes, oboe and beautifully-layered string arrangements, "Lady of the Lake" takes us back to a time of great spiritual quests, sacred revelations and the making of legends. Turning to the beauty of Nature for much of his inspirations, Llewellyn conjures up the mystery of the Lady Guinevere's romantic dreams, working in the still of the night from his reclusive home in rural Hertfordshire, using purple healing-plates to energise his compositiions.

* 1. The Lady of the Lake
* 2. Guinevere
* 3. The Road to Camelot
* 4. Lancelot - the Forbidden Love
* 5. The Prophecy
* 6. Spellmaker
* 7. Holy Grail
* 8. Excalibur Returned

Running Time: approx 52 minutes